Telecom Foundation partners Gallup Pakistan for Smart Cities including Sustainable Green Services

Telecom Foundation has collaborated with Gallup Pakistan as a consultant for sustainable business and feasibility analysis. The signing concluded digitally on 30th June 2020 by the top management of Telecom Foundation & Gallup. Gallup Pakistan, a four (4) decade old, internationally renowned leading research institution is all set to support TF venture into multiple sustainable businesses (Green Construction, Smart Cities, Green Energy & IT Development), that will contribute towards the SDG targets as well. With the expertise from Gallup, it's almost certain that the sustainability drive will be a thorough success for TF as well as a matter of pride & satisfaction for Gallup Pakistan. Though post COVID19, the economics of the entire world has changed, however, through revolutionizing business models and improvising, Telecom Foundation is working towards the betterment of the people of Pakistan.